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Gold Leaf Farming owns and manages almond and pistachio properties in California and Arizona. We are a young, dynamic company growing our acreage and team in 2018 and beyond. Our two founding partners  – Jack and Brandon – are both in their 30s. As younger growers, they are aiming to build a farming company for the long-haul that will emulate the hard work, high character, and quality operations of past generations of successful growers – but also incorporate modern farming practices, technology, and business strategy.


Our team is built on the combination of world-class farming and investing experience. Our deep ag experience allows us to operate farms with the highest quality standards. We are always learning and leverage ag technology and sustainable ag practices wherever possible. We want to achieve above market returns on our farms, so we are ambitious but also patient and disciplined as we grow. We won't buy new properties unless we'd be happy owning them forever. Finally, we strive to embody values and character that we can be proud of as we interact with friends, colleagues, partners, and our communities.

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